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      Company profile

      Suzhou Fengbei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the field of comprehensive utilization of waste resources, which mainly produces resource products from waste oil. Based on long-term research and development investment and industrial practice, the company has continuously expanded the depth and breadth of comprehensive utilization of waste oil and oil resources, forming a waste resource recycling industry chain of "waste oil - biofuel (biodiesel) - bio-based materials". In addition, the company also relies on its own oil comprehensive utilization of core technology and channel advantages to provide customers with oil chemicals.

      The main business of the company is the comprehensive utilization of waste oil resources, supplemented by oil chemicals. The main products of the comprehensive utilization of waste oil resources are bio-based materials and biofuels, among which bio-based materials are mainly auxiliaries used in many fields such as pesticides, fertilizers, mineral processing, ink resins, textiles, biomedicine, etc., which can play the role of dissolution, efficiency enhancement, dispersion, lubrication, etc. The main biofuel is biodiesel; The main products of oil chemicals business are DD oil, fatty acids, etc.

      General Manager Speech

      Dear all friends from all works of life and worldwide,
      Firsty, highly appreciation for your attention of our products and services, and wish we can cooperate in future and achieve mutualldevelopment.
      Looking into future, we will input more ffort, increase R&D ability and strength, and improve our service, to create a top level enterprise, serving for modem agicultural.


    5. 2021 Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center
    6. Honor
    7. Honor
    8. Honor
    9. Honor
    10. Honor
    11. Excellent enterprise of the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
    12. The third prize of the 8th China Entrepreneurship Competition
    13. 2019 Maker China Second Prize
    14. 2021 Jiangsu Province Little Giant
    15. 2021 Double Cup certificate
    16. 2021 Pesticide Innovation Contribution Award
    17. 2022 Excellent pesticide Additive Supplier Certificate
    18. 2022 Most promising Employer
    19. AAA Certificate 202209-202308
    20. High-tech product certification -- Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department
    21. Honor
    22. Jiangsu Graduate Workstation
    23. Science and technology search model unit
    24. Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress first prize - Coal Association
    25. Suzhou Fengbei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    26. Little giant certificate
    27. Honor
    28. Intellectual property management system certification
      • 2014
        In 2014, the company was founded!
      • 2017
        The production base of Changzhou Jintan Weige Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation!
      • 2019
        Euplobion won the "fifth place" in the final of the 8th National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
      • 2021
        In 2021, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Fengbei Biological Zhangjiagang Production Base project was launched!
      • 2022
        Euplobion won the Most Promising Employer Award (covering image, potential, culture, management, environment, growth and development, salary and welfare, humanistic care, etc.)

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