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      Methyl Oleate1192

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      Descriptions and Applications:

      It is light yellow to colorless oily liquid at room temperature and is used as green solvent and dispersion medium in pesticide preparation. 1192 it has good compatibility and coordination, easy emulsification, and can be matched with more additives. The ground preparation is stable, has good fluidity, has good Emulsion dispersion in water, and has a long storage period. It is widely used in dosage forms such as weeding, insecticide sterilization OD, EC, EW, etc., especially for high-content products, such as 24- 30% atranide OD,25% nitrosulfonatose OD,30% phenyl ether propiconazole EC,4.5% efficient cypermethrin EC.
      Packaging and storage conditions:
      Barrel (180kg/barrel) or bulk, keep away from fireworks, keep away from light and shade, and avoid contact with open flame strong oxide.
      Product shelf life:
      The shelf life of this product is two years. Two years later, it can be confirmed by the test and can still be used.

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