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      Methyl Oleate1107

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      Product Introduction

      This product is refined from natural vegetable oil processing, model 1107. It is a light yellow oily liquid at normal temperature, the freezing point is 0℃, crystals are separated when stored in winter, and the density is 0 at 20℃. 87kg/L, mainly suitable for high content of single agent or compound insecticide, sterilization, herbicide and other oil suspension products.
      Packaging and storage conditions:
      Barrel (180kg/barrel quantitative) or bulk, keep away from fireworks, keep away from light and shade, and avoid contact with open flame and strong oxide.
      Hazard characteristics:
      Non-toxic, combustible, not easy to spontaneous combustion, rinse with plenty of water when contacting with eye skin.
      Product shelf life:
      The shelf life of this product is two years. Two years later, it can be used normally after being confirmed by test.

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