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      Methylated vegetable oil

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      Description and Application

      Yellow oily liquid can improve the spreading area, adhesion and permeability of liquid medicine on the surface of crops, and promote the liquid medicine on crops. At the same time, methylated vegetable oil can prevent liquid droplets from drying too fast, thus enhancing the absorption of pesticides in droplets by stomata and stratum corneum, enhancing the control effect of herbicides on weeds and improving the utilization rate of pesticides.

      Packing and Storage:

      Barrel (180kg/barrel) or bulk, keep away from fireworks, keep away from light and shade, and avoid contact with open flame and strong oxide.

      Hazardous characteristics
      It is non-toxic and flammable. It is not easy to spontaneous combustion. When it comes into contact with the skin of the eyes, it is washed with plenty of water.
      Product shelf life
      The shelf life of this product is two years. Two years later, it can be confirmed by the test and can still be used.

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